Youth and Bible Study

Join us on Wednesday nights for Bible study and youth meeting. Both start at 7pm!

​Current Sunday Series!



We are currently digging into the Old Testament Hebrew names of God that reveal amazing keys into his nature and character. Understanding these names and their connection with the New Testament message can be life changing. Come join us for this new 12 week series!

"We hope that everyone that comes to visit will sense the sincerity in our ministry from our greeters all the way through to the end. But most of all our hope is that in some way the Lord himself will be near to you." 

              Pastor Glenn


last update 4-11-2017

​​​​​​​​​Before we start at 10:30 AM. Come a little early and grab some coffee and get ready for a great day! We are a casual dress church, so come as you are. When you arrive you will be greeted by our hospitality team who will offer any guidance that you may need. The children's workers will be in their classes at 10:15 AM to greet and settle the children. 

Meeting kick off! The band will begin playing just before 10:30. A short prayer will lead into a time of intense contemporary worship. This will typically last about 25-35 minutes. We seek an element of flexibility in our worship especially longing for God's personal involvement. 

Although we seek freedom in worship we are not a "free for all". Worship will be followed briefly by announcements. Don't expect us to pass the plate. (There is an offering box in the back). The main message of the morning will usually given by Pastor Glenn. His messages tend to be direct, Biblical, current, fun, and engaging. See MEDIA. He uses powerpoint and video clips to bring clarity. Expect the meeting to last about 90 minutes - although there will be exceptions. We often conclude with an invitation for special prayer.


     Church Service           10:30 AM

     Net Kids                      10:30 AM 

          Ages 5-10
      Net Tots                      10:30 AM

          Ages 8 mo - 4 y
      Young Marrieds           5-7 PM

          Monthly TBA - childcare provided

  Young Adult small groups  7-8 PM

Wednesday (new!)

​    Bible Study (CURRENT)  7:00-8:15

​       (all ages - small group discussions)

​       Childcare provided

​   Youth meeting 7:00-8:15 (ages 11-17)

    Men's Breakfast         6:30 AM

            Jaliscos in Flour Bluff
    Prayer meeting          7-8:15 PM

            All ages


   The Net Women's Ministry 9:00 AM

​   The Net Young Adults    8:00 PM

        ages 17-30


As our ministry has been growing, we've desperately needed new parking spots! We have nearly doubled our parking area.

We are so thankful for our Church and its faithful financial support of The Net. We were able to accomplish this without a hard money drive or special fund raiser. 

Come and check it out!!!

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What to expect

The Net Fellowship is a church for all ages with a focus on reaching the emerging generation.

To do this effectively means that we must remain culturally relevant to young people and young families. We seek to build a cultural bridge to them while maintaining a smart but solid Biblical  focus. We are not afraid of addressing the pressing issues and trends of our day nor are we intimidated by a culture that is becoming increasingly cynical of the Bible. There are good solid answers for the skeptic. We believe in the power of God to reach and transform a hard heart and we rely on the actual presence of God to mingle among us when we come together to worship.  At The Net we believe the church is meant to be a family and community before it is a business. We seek, in an imperfect way, to be a genuine and authentic expression of God's intent for his people.



Wednesday Bible Study!

Hebrews; Living well for Christ

Have you ever been a part of a true digging-deep Bible study? Most people today experience popular book studies or video based studies. In contrast, The Net will be offering a 15 week Bible study through the Book of Hebrews. This book is amazing!! It links the Old and the New Testaments in a way that will give you a better grasp of the Bible as a whole. If you are ready for a study that will encourage you to live well for Christ and to encourage you to live a persevering Christian walk, then this is the study for you. We will include practical applications for Christian growth each week and small group discussion breakouts.

This study will be taught by Pastor Glenn Holland. The Book of Hebrews has been an area of extensive study on his part over the years and this promises to be both edifying and rich.