Movie Reviews 
     Christian Spotlight on the movies
     Christianity Today Movies

History, Politics, and Current Events 
     Citizen Link
     Family Research Council 
     Texas Values

Creation science resources
    Institute for Creation Research (ICR)
    Answers in Genesis
    The Center for Creation Science
    Creation Research Society

Special Service and short term missions
     Youth With a Mission (YWAM)
     Master's Commission

Bible resources
    Bible Gateway

Great teachings and articles
     Winkie Pratney
     Complete works of Charles G. Finney
     Last Days Ministries

Overcoming sexual addictions 

    Covenant Eyes

    Rehab Center

Personality Tests 

For the Seminar - Take the first three tests below.

16 Personalities- Try not to give neutral answers

Motivational Giftings - 7 gifts from Romans broken down as personality motivations 

Love Languages - Quantify your love language with this multiple choice test.

Personality Page - descriptions of Myers Briggs types, career, relationships


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