Amanda Towne
AV Assistant Team leader
Senior Net Intern Alumni​

Young Professional's Life Group Leader

Amanda has been a part of the Net for a number of years and is a senior intern alumni. She currently assists administratively with the internship as well as overseeing projects throughout the year. Amanda is a computer science major at TAMUCC. She continues to be in-dispensable to The Net Fellowship as a whole.

Colby Wiltse
Hospitality Director
Net Intern Alumni

Colby runs our hospitality team on Sunday and Friday nights. Colby has been a part of the Net leadership for over the last 7 years. He and Sarah were married at the beginning of 2013. Their commitment to the Lord and to serving in the body of Christ is a much respected role at The Net. He received his BS degree from TAMUCC a few years ago and works as a Field Engineer in oil and gas. 

Sarah Wiltse
Executive Administrator
Life Group Coordinator

Band Director

Sarah uses her mentoring experience, sharp eye for detail, and management/organizational skills to help pastor Glenn and Mrs. Jeannette carry the load of managing the church and all of its various ministries. 

Sarah has been a big part of the Net leadership over the last 7 years. She and Colby were married at the beginning of 2013. Their commitment to the Lord and to serving in the body of Christ is a much respected role at The Net. She has a Biology degree from TAMUCC. 

Jeannette Holland
Children's Ministries Director

Ms. Jeannette graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University, (where she met Glenn) with a B.S. degree in Elementary education. She has served in many ministerial roles over the years with a deep love for God and a deep love for his people. While serving in the church, she has been a devoted wife and mother. Currently she is Director of children's ministries in the new church including baby nursery, toddlers, and children's church. In accomplishing this role, she is developing workers, selecting leaders, and administrating the children's ministries. She and pastor Glenn have been happily married for 38 years.

He brings this experience to bare in developing young leaders to be effective for God's interests in their world. One of his favorite activities is taking young adults on outrageously fun outdoor adventures such as kayaking, camping, caving, rafting and hiking. He sees these events as team building, leadership building, and Christ-centered community building events.

Pastor Glenn graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a B.S. in Geology. He has since then furthered his education with graduate courses from Trinity Theological Seminary as well as continuing education classes with the Assemblies of God for his ministerial credentialing. Although The Net is non-denominational, he holds current ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.

Outside of his ministry responsibilities at The Net, he works for a California based medical device manufacturer as a manufacturer’s rep in a surgical environment. He is happily married with four young adult children, some of which are currently serving at The Net.

Glenn Holland

Senior/Founding Pastor

After pastoring in various capacities in the conventional church for more than 20 years, Pastor Glenn and his wife Jeannette were strongly impressed by the Lord to focus on this current young adults generation. It was from this heartfelt leading that they launched and established a dynamic young adults ministry called "The Net" in May of 2007 with 17 people. More recently, with the maturing of The Net Ministry, it became evident that it was time to develop the ministry into a full service church. On January 27, 2013, after acquiring a new building and after much planning, The Net Fellowship Church was launched.

Pastor Glenn brings much ministry-building experience to The Net Fellowship Church. Over the last 30 years he has served in many pastoral roles with his wife Jeannette. He did this while having a career, starting a family, and working on his education. He has served as a pastor, worship leader, church planter, associate pastor, youth pastor and young adults pastor.


Sheila Colwell

Anchor (40+) Fellowship

Sheila is a very hospitable and has been a wonderful part of the Net Fellowship. She is heading up our 40+ Fellowship gatherings!

Nathan Holland
Audio Visual Team Leader

Nathan is AV team leader for the young adult ministries and the church at large.  Nathan is a graduate of TAMUK and is an electrical engineer  and is currently completing is MS degree. He has been a part of the Net since its founding in 2007. He is one of Pastor Glenn's sons.

Ceci Butler


Ceci has become a very active part of our fellowship. She organizes outreach tables on campus and helps our administrative team organize our on campus meetings. Ceci is currently a TAMUCC student. 

Grace Frantz

Grounds/Facilities Leader

In-Betweener's Co-Leader

Grace Frantz is responsible for the overall presentation of the Net building and grounds and is co-leading the In-Betweeners group (ages 11-14). She is currently a midwife with the Corpus Christi Pregnancy Center. 

Alicia Barron and Sarah Scott

Women's Life Group Leaders

Sarah and Alicia, with their husbands have a long and productive history with the Net. Not only are they great parents but they are also great leaders. We are excited to have them co-leading the Net Women’s ministry.

Alex Trevino

Project Manager

Alex has been a faithful part of The Net for the last three years and has been serving in many areas since. She is currently pursuing her degree.