Feel free to invite people to this group provided they are between the ages of 26-40. Married people are welcome to participate as well but they are less likely to since they do have a young marrieds fellowship at this time.



If you are a young adult or college student between the ages of 17 and 30 you will find this ministry to be not only challenging but rich and purpose driven. Come check it out on Friday nights!

Our young adults have a full slate of activities all year round. We have adventurous trips and campouts, weekly intense meetings on Friday nights. Small groups, college outreach with publicity tables on both TAMUCC and DELMAR Campuses. For those that want to be challenged to go deeper we offer annual internships as well. Come check out The Net Young Adults Fellowship!


Ministry Internship 

The Net internship is offered to young adults ages 17- 25 who qualify. Although the interns are young adults, they nonetheless serve and are a blessing to every aspect of The Net Church at large. The Net internship is offered each year lasting at varying lengths. Three to ten months depending on the program being offered. The Net internship is an intensive leadership development program centered around a mentorship and life coaching model. The program has a nominal registration fee and is flexible enough to allow for the full time college student or career professional to participate. It requires a willingness to learn and read and serve. It requires the student to step out of their comfort zone and to be challenged to be better. Each student will be expected to speak publicly. Everyone in the program will read the Bible together and learn it together. If you are accepted and choose to join The Net Internship, expect to grow in theological understanding and in your ability to articulate your faith immensely.

This is a home based study. This will be a rich time of fellowship and sharing and is for women of all ages!

For more information please visit our Facebook page!

Childcare will be provided.

TAMUCC Campus Outreach

Spring 2015

As of right now, it will be from 7-8 AM on Thursday mornings at Corner Bakery. If you come later or have to leave earlier thats ok too. It is an informal time. 

The Net Young Professionals Fellowship is here to provide an avenue for those aged 26-40 to better tie into a supportive and healthy christian community of their peers. It is a response to the growing number of men and women coming to the Net in the last few months that are in their 30's and the growing number of our young adults that are approaching their late 20's and will be looking at aging out of the younger college age group in the near future. Secondly, we expect that this fellowship will be an outreach to the broader Corpus Christi community where it seems a need like this exists.



Toddlers and Babies 

(7 months-4 years) 

We offerToddlers childcare and baby nursery during church on Sunday mornings. Young married fellowship also provides childcare. Other times mayl be provided as announced. 

(Generally up to age 40) - Many of the married couples that now attend The Net have met while attending The Net Young Adults Fellowship over the last eight years. Many of these couples are now a big part of The Net and hold places of leadership not only in our church but within their professional world respectively. We consider the arrival of these new families to be part of our legacy as a ministry and church. It is imperative that we do all that we can to provide the tools to help these young couples be strong as they begin the lifelong adventure of building a family. We want to welcome any young married couple to join our church community and join with other young couples as they are also seeking to build new relationships. Young families have their own sets of challenges and we want to offer an environment that facilitates strong and healthy families and marriages. Our young married group to meets once a month with childcare provided, sharing a meal together and enjoying a marriage strengthening series with a discussion time. This is a really fun group! Check it out!

5-10 year olds ( k-4th) Net Kids is offered during church on Sunday morning beginning on our launch date. We will have a complete fun-filled program for kids including worship and a curriculum-based lesson each week. Parents of course always have the option to keep their  kids with them in church. If you would like them to experience children's church, simply drop your kids off on the way to the service that morning. Currently we are going through the curriculum 252 Basics. That’s why 252 Basics is organized around key Bible stories that help kids discover Jesus and reflect His character to the world around them. And to make it easy to understand, everything is unpacked through weekly Bottom Lines—short phrase that are so easy to remember they can be reinforced at home throughout the week.

The Net's Young Adults Ministry has remained a premeire ministry in the city for years. The Net Young Adults is spiritually adventurous! We do not see young adults ministry at The Net is an appendage or side show to the main church but we see it in reality as the hub and engine of the The Net church as a whole. It is from the young adults that the church itself was built and they embody the spirit and essence of who we are as a ministry. Many if not most of the young people at The Net were reached in a powerful way through our young adults ministry. Now those very young people are indispensable leaders in our church. They provide an energy and idealism to the church that is invaluable. Because of this we remain committed to our young adults ministry with the highest of priority and resources.​​​

The Net young adults activities

The Net Friday night - tailor made for Millennials

Small group Guys and Girls Bible Studies
Campus Outreaches - TAMUCC and DELMAR
The Net On-Campus

Ministry Internship
Adventurous trips