Are you wanting to have insights into career, team building, and relationships? This seminar will not only help you understand yourself but also to understand how to relate to others more effectively. We do this only once a year so don't miss it!

Please take the two tests prior to attending. Save your results and bring them with you.

TAKE THESE THREE Tests (Click for link)
#1 16 Personalities
#2 Motivational gifts - 29 questions - multiple choice
#3 Love languages

Bring your results to the class!


Personality Seminar

Events and Calendar! 

Join us as we head to the beach for a baptism and bonfire! Games, hot dogs, smores, and more! What a great time to invite a friend or neighbor!

If you are interested in being baptized, please contact Pastor Glenn Holland as soon as possible and let him know!

Bring lawn chairs!! 
This event is for all ages. Parental supervision of children.

Beach Bonfire and Baptism

Mar. 21

Mar. 25