Winkie Pratney is heading back to the Net for the WHOLE weekend on Dec. 7th- Dec. 9th!!

We are honored to have him and his son, William, join us for what we know will be three awesome meetings! Please join us Friday night at 8PM, Saturday morning brunch at 10:00AM, and Sunday morning at 10:30AM! Saturday morning we will have a brunch (suggested donation $5)

Winkie Pratney is a highly sought after speaker, author, historian, mavin, researcher, scientist, and more! He has many years of ministry experience and speaks yearly at large conferences around the world. So we feel fortunate that he makes The Net a priority! Winkie is truly a friend to The Net.

This is going to be a very Winkie weekend you do NOT want to miss out on! 

All ages welcome to all three meetings.​

Winkie Weekend!!!

Events and Calendar! 

NOV. 9