2. GAY "MARRIAGE": We reject the institutionalizing of gay "marriage". Jesus, when addressing issues of marriage and divorce would refer to God's original intent in Genesis. "In the beginning God made them male and female". Gay "marriage" is an expression of rebellion against God's original design and intent. 

3. DARWINISM: While accepting the existance of a degree of "micro-evolution", we reject Darwinian evolution and the belief in a universal common descent of all living things from a single celled organism.

4. CALVINISM: Even though today there is a resurgance of reformed theology, we reject the traditional 5 points of Calvinism as not only un-Biblical but we recognize that the teaching also undermines the doctrine of free will, weakens the basis for personal responsibility and portrays God as controlling and arbitrary by chosing who will be saved and damned irrespective of human choice.

5. UNIVERSALISM: Universalism, has made a resurgance today. We fully reject universalism and purgatory or any similar doctrine as patently unbiblical.


1. LIFE: We believe in the sanctity of unborn human life and we believe abortion is the taking of an innocent defenseless life and goes against a mother's deepest instincts to protect their own child. 


What is The Net's affiliation?
The Net is now affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Although now affiliated, it maintains a  non-denominational style of ministry.

Basic beliefs in summary:​​

We believe in the divine inspiration of the Bible, the Deity of Jesus Christ, that man has willfully sinned and is in desperate need of pardon which is provided solely through faith and repentance in the work of Christ on the cross. The work of forgiveness, through the cross,  thus provides for a restoration of relationship with our creator. We believe in a final judgement and in the dynamic and personal work of the person of the Holy Spirit in the world today empowering his church to impact the world. For a more detailed review of our beliefs, check out the Assembly of God's 16 Fundamental truths.

A few common questions

Does the Net go on missions trips?​​
The answer is yes and no! Because we are focused so heavily on outreach to our young adults community in Corpus Christi and because of our many campus outreaches we have often felt that we are already in "missions mode". Additionally we see other groups with a long history of foreign missions doing a better job at it than we do so we tend to refer to them. Nonetheless we have taken trips to Mexico and most recently to Guatemala. 

Additional beliefs:

Why the name "The Net"?
"The Net" works on two levels. First it

works on a modern technological level.

The net is a means of connectivity. 

Second, it works on a Biblical level.

Biblically it is a means of catching fish.

The church is in essence a "net". A net

is a trap used by fisherman to catch fish. A net is also a weave of interconnecting ropes which to us expresses the church's community and body life. We believe that It is from this rich healthy community that an effective environment for discipleship occurs.

No offerings? No plate to pass? ​​
Sometimes people get the impression that

because we do not pass the plate that we

don't really need money! NOT TRUE! We

 have an offering box in the back of the auditorium by the entry door. Our belief is that when believers understand their Biblical responsibility to tithe and support their local church financially, that they do not have to be pressed to give every meeting. We have discovered that the ministry has been well funded with this approach. Is it possible that we could bring in more money if we passed the plate? Yes it is possible, however for the sake of reaching people, we are willing to take that risk. One of the most common objections of the unchurched about churches today is their impression that the churches are all about getting money. Could we "pass the plate" on special occasions? Yes of course.

So there are three ways to donate to the Net. One, give by cash or check in the offering box on Sunday or Friday night. Second, you can give online via your own bank's bill pay system. These are usually very easy to set up and are very low cost and can be set up to trigger automatically.  Third, you can give via our Paypal link which is on our website or on our APP however, this method charges a significant 3% off the top. It can also be set up to trigger automatically.