Jesus was clear that the discipleship process is a partnership. He tells us to "make disciples". Therefore, we are not satisfied with a cursory response to the gospel. We are not satisfied with a nod to the right doctinal ideas. We are looking for a revolutionary work within the heart of the individual. We are looking for a change in worldview. A change in the way a life is lived. Yes, the Holy Spirit does the miracle of heart change however the process of discipleship is a partnership requiring hard work on the part of those that will accept the challenge.

At the time that Jesus  selected his disciples, it is thought by many scholars that he chose young people. Some of which were in their teens. These were the ones that he chose to be the leaders of the church that he founded. Why? As people move farther into adulthood they become more difficult to impact with real change. They crystallize and become more rigid and less open to new ideas. They can be reached but often. even when they are, it is often with limited result. Current statistics show that more than 70% of church kids are leaving the church as they move into their 20's! As a church, we are committed to face this challenge head on.​​​

The Net Young Adults  expanded its ministry to Sunday mornings for all ages January 27th, 2013. That is when we launched as a full church. Since then, we have come a long way! We are excited as we enter 2018-2019 strong and ready to impact our world for the Kingdom of God.
The Sunday morning church is offered with childcare and children's ministry. Our children's workers are focused and care deeply about ministering to our children each week. Our young adults ministry remains a flagship ministry in Corpus Christi with organizations on TAMUCC and Del Mar College campuses.



Often churches will seek to be everything for everyone. By so doing, they can weaken the effectiveness of the work.  Churches, to be effective, will usually find an area of ministry or an area of emphasis in which they are particularly effective. Although The Net Fellowship is a ministry for all ages, it is a church focused particularly on reaching and discipling the Millennial generation of young people from the mid teens all the way into their 30's. This is a broken and lost generation and yet so many of them are truly open. Teens, single young adults, single parents, young married couples and young families. Many of these are seeking for a clear and relavent life changing message in a culture that has become more and more disrespectful of the Bible and the ways of God. We are pro-actively seeking ways to bring about change in this generation. These millenials are the largest existing demographic in the U.S. with such wonderful potential to make a difference for good and yet in many ways they are largely missing in so many of today's churches. May we be a church that successfully passes the baton to the next generation. This is a legacy we believe pleases the Lord.

The  Net Fellowship is for ALL ages! We are speaking here of vision and focus. Can you get behind this ministry focus? Can you appreciate what we are doing? Possibly you are in your 40's or 50's or 60's etc. Can you come alongside and share your resources and talents and life experience to strengthen our church's vision? Can you open your heart to these young people? Are you truly young at heart? Then The Net Fellowship could be the place for you! 

The Net Young Adults ministry on Friday nights in 2009

Most church plants start first with their broad based adult ministry. In our case, we started with college students and young adults. That is a unique reversal in the typical pattern. After meeting in the Holland's home in Portland as a small young adults Bible study, we launched our young adults ministry in May of 2007 in Corpus Christi. Thus our young adults ministry pre-existed our church launch in 2013 by 5 years. So even though The Net Fellowship in some ways is a new church launch, the ministry had already existed as an unconventional "church" ministry focused solely on young adults and college students ages 17-30..

It is with these young adults, under pastor Glenn Holland's leadership, that The Net Church was  launched. Today they are still largely running the infrastructure of the Net church. This pre-launch history explains why the young adult presence within the broader church ministry is so dominant.  It also explains why the sense of community with our young adults is so strong. For those years prior and continuing to this day we work hard at reaching young adults and college students. 

Today while our young adults and college ministry remains strong, the church as a whole has become more diversified with a growing number of people in their 40's and 50's and up as well as a growing number of families with children.